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Task of the Month

Ways We Can Make a Difference

After months of record-breaking global temperatures and increasing weather-related disasters, many of us are troubled about the future for life on Earth.

Task of the Month is a program to help individuals and households take one action each month. Tasks were selected based on their potential for significant energy savings. Most suggestions are for improving homes or changing habits to reduce our carbon footprints, but advocacy is also an important way we can make a difference. Do whatever works for you!

Following this program together will strengthen our sense of community. And our actions can influence others to make a real difference.

We'll link to posters on this page that suggest ways we can take actions each month:

Month | Suggested Monthly Tasks* and Actions

  • January | Talk about climate change. Learn how Citizens Climate Lobby advocates for change.
  • February | Eat green. Plan meals, buy local and compost to reduce waste.
  • March | Be energy smart. How much power are your appliances and lights using?
  • April | Learn how solar can work for you. Advocate for Community Solar.
  • May | Shift your ride. Reduce the impact of your local and long-distance travel.
  • June | Stay cool wisely. Adjust your thermostat to save energy and money.
  • July | Be water wise. Install low-flow showerheads & faucet aerators.
  • August | Reduce the use of plastic & paper. Adopt earth-friendly cleaning methods.
  • September | Reduce the impact of doing laundry. Wash in cold water, air-dry clothes.
  • October | Be heat wise. Try gradually lowering your thermostat.
  • November | Plan greener giving. Give things people need, used items, local memberships.
  • December | Celebrate our accomplishments. What’s next? Join Zero in Bloomington.

*If you have already done a task, or want to do more, ask a GSTF member to help you join a Zero in Bloomington team, which will also track our community’s progress