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This Sunday:
One Sunday Service livestreamed
at 10:15 a.m.

Please click here for the livestream page. You can also view the service on our Facebook page.

Important Changes to In-person Worship Services

and Church Operations

As of Thursday, January 6, Monroe County is classified as severe risk by Covid Act Now for covid infections. In light of this worsening public health situation in Monroe and surrounding counties, our congregation has moved into Restricted Access status for Worship Services and church operations.

Restricted Access Includes:

  • Access to Worship Services will be via livestream only, available via our website and Facebook.
  • Staff and ministers will continue to offer opportunities to gather safely in outdoor settings.
  • For day-to-day church operations our building is closed. Please email appropriate staff with any questions or concerns.
  • Small groups of five or fewer may meet in the church building, with advance notice. Technology is available for multi-platform meetings.
  • Anyone who enters the church building will be asked to wear a KN95 mask which will be made available inside.

Please know that we are working with the best scientific information available and following the recommendations of local, regional, and national public health authorities to support your well-being and the welfare of our congregational community.

We realize that for some members participating in-person at church is imperative for their mental health. If this is true for you, you may participate in-person at Worship Services. Additionally, there may be circumstances that require in-person attendance at other church gatherings for mental health reasons. Please speak to your gathering leader or a minister about these special situations.

Warmest regards,
The NEST Working Group: Jane McLeod, Abby Gitlitz, Judy Klein, Ann LeDuc, Dan Lodge-Rigal, Sarah Sanchez, Melinda Swenson, and Reverend Macklin.

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington. As a vibrant and accepting liberal religious community, we celebrate diverse beliefs and support individual searches for truth and meaning. We are a caring community that values all individuals. Join us and experience the warmth of community.


Slide show photos by Linda Mjolsnes, John Woodcock, Jason Haworth, and others.


This page was updated on January 16, 2022.