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This Sunday's Service

June 23, 2024: "Looking Back, Looking Forward"

Reverend Connie Grant
Sarah Montgomery, Worship Associate

How can acknowledging grief and loss help us move into hope? How do the things we’ve been through help us carry on?

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Upcoming Services

  • June 30, 2024: "Praises for the Journey"

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    Some thoughts about life journeys and the journeys that have brought us together, as we go our own ways.

Past Services

  • June 16, 2024: "Living the Stories of Our Lives"

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    Our lives depend, not on what happens to us, but on how we respond to what happens. How do we live the stories of our lives, and how do we tell them to ourselves and others?
  • June 09, 2024: “Juneteenth: The Legacy of Opal Lee”

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    The congregation will be invited to reflect on the true meaning of Juneteenth and the importance of living a purposeful life, as told by Opal Lee, the grandmother of the holiday.
  • June 02, 2024: “Stolen Lands, Stolen Lives”

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    Some history of the U.S. Indigenous boarding school system, including Unitarian involvement.
  • May 26, 2024: “Celebrating 75 Years: The History of the UUCB Choir”

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    As we continue to honor the 75th anniversary of the founding of this congregation, we’ll review the history of the UUCB choir with music and words.
  • May 19, 2024: “How is a Congregation Like a Bouquet of Flowers?”

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    Please bring a flower or a few, and take a different flower home. We’ll honor the unique beauty that each person brings with the traditional Unitarian flower celebration.
  • May 12, 2024: “Good Enough Parents”

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    What does it mean to be a “good enough” parent?  What are the roles of those who directly “parent” our children and of the “village” in which we all live?