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Changing the World

  • Social Justice Task Forces

    Social justice permeates all that we do together at the UU Church of Bloomington, and is integral to our worship services and Lifespan Religious Education programs. Our Social Justice Task Forces are formed when a number of people wish to work together around a specific social justice area.

    • Green Sanctuary logo Green Sanctuary Task Force

      The Green Sanctuary Task Force on Global Climate Change helps promote mindful, Earth-centered living, working to educate and motivate individuals and institutions to take positive steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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    • Habitat Task Force Logo Habitat Task Force

      The Habitat Task Force educates the congregation about local housing needs, including the purpose and accomplishments of Habitat for Humanity and other housing-related groups.

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    • Family Home Homelessness Task Force

      The Homelessness Task Force provides services to people experiencing homelessness in Bloomington and Monroe County, and educates the congregation and community of the struggles associated with homelessness and the way we can help.

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    • Hope for Prisoners Task Force Logo Hope for Prisoners Task Force

      The Hope for Prisoners Task Force advocates for and becomes actively involved with persons who are currently or recently incarcerated and their families, and seeks to be a voice for humane treatment and positive changes in the criminal justice system.

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    • Hunger Task Force Logo Hunger Task Force

      The Hunger Task Force provides food to lessen food insecurity for low income and unhoused people in Bloomington.

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    • International Outreach Task Force Logo International Outreach Task Force

      The International Outreach Task Force (IOTF) provides direct financial, material, and humanitarian support to Spurgeons Academy, a school for AIDS orphans in Kibera, a sprawling slum in Nairobi.

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    • Just Peace Task Force Logo Just Peace Task Force

      The Just Peace (Peace and Economic Justice) Task Force works for diplomatic, not military, solutions to conflicts. We advocate nuclear arms control and disarmament and reduced military spending.

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    • Racial Justice Task Force Logo Racial Justice Task Force

      The Racial Justice Task Force works to dismantle racism in ourselves and our institutions through education and action and supports and engages in activities led by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) groups.

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    • Rainbow Rights Task Force Logo Rainbow Rights Task Force

      The Rainbow Rights Task Force seeks to revive, document, and advance the knowledge, concerns, and rights of LGBTQ+ individuals, communities, and causes, advocating for spiritual wholeness in relation to gender and sexuality.

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    • UU RISE Logo Refugee/Immigration Support and Education Task Force

      The RISE (Refugee and Immigrant Support and Education) Task Force sponsors a family who arrived here in Bloomington from Afghanistan in December, 2021, to help them and other refugees until they can get on their feet and feel safe and welcomed.

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    • Reproductive Justice Task Force Logo Reproductive Justice Task Force

      The Reproductive Justice Task Force supports the human right to maintain personal bodily autonomy, have children, not have children, and parent the children we have in safe and sustainable communities.

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    • Information for Social Justice Leaders
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  • Fall Social Justice Grants logo Social Justice Grants

    Each year our Social Justice Funds Committee awards funds from our Social Justice endowment to support start up projects in Monroe County. The Committee accepts requests in the fall.

    Fall 2023

    This year's Social Justice Grant recipient is:

    The UU RISE Task Force (Refugee and Immigration Support and Education), in partnership with the Bloomington Refugee Support Network

    $1000 was awarded for dental work and surgeries for refugee families in Monroe County.

    Application Process

    Applications are accepted in October, and the guidelines and application form will be posted on this page. Once the applications are received, the committee meets to determine the recipients. Preference is given to the following but others will be considered:

    • Being a part of a Social Justice task force
    • The number of UU members involved
    • Consistent with the mission of the UU church
    • Does this empower the organization to empower others?
    • Is this seed money rather than for maintenance?
    • Will our contribution make a real difference in their budget?
    • Do they have finite goals?
    • Have they received UU social justice grants in the past?
    • The monies cannot be used to pay for professional services or salaries.

    Fall Grant recipients are announced in November and the recipients have one year to use their funds or they will be returned to our SPF account. Grant recipients are also asked to write a review for our newsletter of how funds were used.

    The Social Justice Funds Committee (SJFC) provides information regarding possible funding for social justice activities and administers two UUCB programs (Fall Grants and the Sunday Plate Fund).

    Committee members: Denise Ogren, Steve Mascari, Scott Sanders, Sarah Kopper, Sandy Davoren | Advisor: Jackie Hall

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  • Sunday Plate Fund logo 25% Sunday Plate Fund

    Our congregation gives 25% of undesignated Sunday Plate donations to a local project or service agency. The Social Justice Funds Committee facilitates the selection of the recipient of this fund. In the spring the committee accepts nominees for the upcoming fiscal year, which begins July 1. The congregation will have chances to learn about the nominees through announcements in the church newsletter, displays in the building, and presentations during services. At our June congregational meeting, church members vote on the recipient of this fund.

    Learn more: Guidelines and Application (Deadline for nominations is April 15)

    Current recipient for 2023-24: All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center

    All-Options logo

    Historic Giving Amounts

    Past recipients

    The Social Justice Funds Committee (SJFC) provides information regarding possible funding for social justice activities and administers two UUCB programs (Fall Grants and the Sunday Plate Fund).

    Committee members: Denise Ogren, Steve Mascari, Scott Sanders, Sarah Kopper, Sandy Davoren | Advisor: Jackie Hall

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  • Social Justice Circle
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