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Racial Justice Education

We invite you on a journey to remember, to learn, to change, and to act. There are many ways to join us, wherever you are:

  • Sign up now for Beloved Conversations: Within, an online program with Meadville Lombard Theological School. The sliding scale cost starts at $300 and you may request financial assistance when you register. Financial support may also be available through UUCB if your ML request for assistance is denied.
  • Join us on Sunday afternoons at 4pm on Zoom to do the work together, following the Do The Work Activity Book by W. Kamau Bell & Kate Schatz. This is an informal, drop-in event; no need to attend every session. But please register, so we can send you the details (the Zoom link, what pages we’ll focus on, which Sundays we’ll meet, etc.)
  • Join the Community Read of Poverty, By America written by Matthew Desmond. Ruth Aydt of the Racial Justice Task Force will be leading a book discussion on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 6:30 on Zoom; you are also welcome to join discussions hosted by other congregations, and some groups will welcome people who join after the initial meeting. For details see this document.
  • Join the Indigenous Studies Working Group.
  • Join the Racial Justice Task Force, either through Church Center or by contacting Ruth Aydt (aydt@icloud.com).
  • Join the Hope for Prisoners Task Force, either through Church Center or by contacting Deb Fish (schoolofdfish@gmail.com).
  • Fill out our survey to express your interest in a pilgrimage to the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama in 2024 or 2025, and/or other possible journeys.