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June 16, 2024: "Living the Stories of Our Lives"

Reverend Connie Grant
Sarah Johnson, Worship Associate
Jason Michálek, Worship Associate

Our lives depend, not on what happens to us, but on how we respond to what happens. How do we live the stories of our lives, and how do we tell them to ourselves and others?

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Order of Service

Our order of service is available both here on our website and in print.

Ringing of the World Bell

Congregational Prelude

“Come Sing a Song with Me” by Carolyn McDade

Welcome & Announcements

Anabel Watson, Connections Coordinator

Land Acknowledgement

Lighting the Chalice Flame

Abby Gitlitz

“Struggle and Joy” by Lance Bass

Jason Michálek, Worship Associate

Opening Words

“Learning to be Our Best Selves”

Reverend Connie Grant

Opening Hymn

#16 “‘Tis a Gift to Be Simple”


“Why Not?” by Kobi Yamada

Read by Sarah Johnson

Musical Interlude

Ray Fellman, piano

Pastoral Prayer and Meditation

“Everything Is Waiting for You” by David Whyte


Ray Fellman, piano

During the Offertory, you are invited to silently light a candle to represent a joy or sorrow in your life.

You are invited to participate in this morning’s offering by contributing as the basket passes or online at uucb.churchcenter.com/giving. You may make a non-pledge gift or a contribution towards your annual pledge, or both, at that site. This fiscal year, 25% of our non-pledge Sunday offerings will be given to All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center, which provides cloth and disposable diapers/wipes, pregnancy tests, feeding supplies, and other essentials to families in need. See alloptionsprc.org for more information.


“This Making of a Whole Self” by Nancy Shaffer

Gift of Music

“I’m Here” from The Color Purple by Brenda Russell, Allee Willis, and Stephen Bray

Guest soloist, Mia Stewart

Ray Fellman, piano


“Living the Stories of Our Lives”

Reverend Connie Grant

Closing Hymn

#128 “For All That Is Our Life”

Extinguishing the Chalice Flame

"These Are the Days” by William R. Murry


Choral Benediction

“Benedictus” by Mary Goetze and Violet Cookie Lynch

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