World of Wonder (Preschool)


  • Children ages 3-5 will explore the world they live in, ways to be within it, and ways to be within it with one another
  • Through hands on activities, they are encouraged to ask, grow, experience and learn together
  • We utilize the Spirit Play method of Religious Education in this classroom
  • Children learn the 7 UU Principles as child friendly promises
  • Children may join preschool after their 3rd birthday, we encourage you to contact the staff to ease this transition
  • Meets at 9:30 and 11:30am in Room 103
  • Parents are required to escort children to and from class
  • Preschool  Parents and Caregivers are invited to come into their Spirit Play classrooms after the service ends so that children can show parents around and tell more about their experiences in this child-centered space. During this time, we invite parents to engage with their child and learn more about what religious education is like! Visiting Day ends at normal RE time.