Infants and young children have several options on Sunday Mornings

  • attend service with their parents
  • find a calm and quiet place in the nursery- Rooms 104 & 106 where there is a live feed of the service and room for them to play while parents are in close proximity
  • expand their circle of friends and caregivers as they explore Childcare in Room 108

We have a caring and attentive childcare team who are here on Sunday mornings to provide care for infants-3 years old.  Our childcare team is made up of youth who have grown up in this congregation, adults who have utilized childcare for their own kids, and young adults who are friends of this church and support our mission and vision.  Stories, music, and lots of play!  We do provide snack in this room, so please let caregivers know if your child has any special dietary needs.  Parents and Caregivers are asked to sign their child in and out of childcare and introduce themselves and their child(ren) to the staff.

Childcare is also available for a larger age range of children for many other events and throughout the church.  If two families request childcare a minimum of 2 weeks in advance we will do our best to make childcare available. —REQUEST CHILDCARE HERE —

Offered on Sunday 8:45am-12:45pm and other times as needed in Room 108

FYI: Parents and Caregivers, there are diaper changing stations in Room 106 and Room 108.  There are single use bathrooms near the courtyard, and down the hallway by childcare.  Please note: in the ones near childcare, there are step stools and small child size toilet rings for your convenience.  Rocking chairs are also available in both rooms for more comfortable spaces for feeding your infants.

Questions about Childcare?  Contact Kitty McIntosh