Social Justice

Rev. Macklin at Courthouse


 Social Justice permeates all programming at the UU Church of Bloomington – worship, religious education, fellowship, and special groups like Chalice Circles and the choir. Social Justice Task Forces are formed when a number of people wish to work together around a specific social justice area.

 Our Social Justice Task Forces are changing the world!

May we persist, and resist, and insist on justice!

End of Life Task Force believes that our cultural consciousness needs to change with respect to death, terminal illnesses, aging, grief, and other parts of the end of life and will work to do so. Tracy Turner or Kathy Gilbert.


UU chalice with leaf instead of flame

The  Green Sanctuary Task Force promotes mindful, Earth centered living, working to educate and motivate individuals and institution to take positive steps toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions with the understanding that it is our moral imperative to care for the Earth.  Marcia Veldman


Habitat TF Logo

Habitat for Humanity Task Force strives to educate the congregation about housing needs of Monroe County, including purpose and accomplishments of Habitat for Humanity and other related housing groups. Congregation can contribute in many was to help provide decent afforable housing in Monroe County. Barb Berggoetz or Kathleen Chmelewski

Feed Our Hungy Neighbors Logo

Help Feed Our Hungry Neighbors Task Force engages in projects to reduce hunger in our community: monthly Walnut Grove Pantry, Christmas baskets for MCUM, Bountyful Sunday Food Drives , staffing Shalom breakfast once a month. Mary Blizzard

The Homelessness Task Force works with agencies to provide services/support to homeless people, to develop strategies dealing with issues related to homelessness including hunger and unemployment,  and to end homelessness. Alan Backler


Friends of Prisoners Logo

The Hope for Prisoners Task Force works on projects based on recognizing humanity of those in prison and their families. The goal of this task force is to serve and advocate for individuals during incarceration and their return to this community, and also their families and support systems with a major effort to support KAP, Kids with Absent Parents.  Chris Haynes


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The International Outreach Task Force (IOTF)  expand and improve cross-cultural and international understanding through hands on involvement with projects fulfilling local needs in developing countries. Currently three projects are in Kenya: Claire Robertson


Just Peace Logo

The Just Peace Task Force worksto promoate peace and justice in the world, recognizing the essential role of grassroots organizing in creatinga consensus for a new foreign and military policy. David Keppel


The Racial Justice Task Force  joins UU communities across the US, and with faith, arts, and civic organization around the city and state, to educate, organize, and take action on racial justice issues..  Martha Foster



Rainbow Rights Logo

The Rainbow Rights Task Force seeks to work with and for the congregation in the area of LGBTQ rights and concerns.  Amy Makice


 The Reproductive Justice Task Force promotes an active liberal voice to educate ourselves and the community, advocates for reproductive justice, and connects with community partners to ensure reproductive justice for all women and men. Nan McKinley or  Deborah Meader 


 Refugee Task Force goal is to support refugees and immigrants living in Bloomington and work cooperatively with efforts of the Interfaith Alliance and the Bloomington Refugee Support Network.  Deb Fish


Becoming a Sanctuary Congregation

On March 9, 2017, our congregation voted to become a Sanctuary Congregation.


Information for Social Justice Leaders



More Social Justice

Social Justice Funds Committee   administers SJ Grants and facilitates selection of 25% of Sunday Plate recipient.

The  25% Sunday Plate recipient for year 2018-2019 is is Spencer Pride.

The 2017-18 recipient is All-Options Pregnancy Resource Center 

The 2016-17 recipient was New-Leaf New-Life

Application for the 25% Sunday Plate for 2019-20 can be downloaded by clicking here.

SJ Funds Committee Chair, Steve Mascari

MCUM Monroe County United Ministries board member, Jackie Hall

SJ Chair, Jackie Hall