Seeking the Spirit
Seeking the Spirit
Seeking the Spirit
Building Community

Welcome to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington! As a vibrant and accepting liberal religious community, we celebrate diverse beliefs and support individual searches for truth and meaning. We are a caring community that values all individuals. Join us and experience the warmth of community.

Goods and Services Auction May 15 Brought in Around $12,000!

Thanks for participating, everyone!


Ministerial Transition

Reverend Scott McNeill Called by the Congregation April 24

The gathered members at the Special Congregational Meeting on Sunday, April 24 enthusiastically voted Yes to call the Reverend Scott McNeill as our new Associate Minister. The vote was 98% positive. Thanks to all the members who attended. There were 254 members present, which greatly exceeded our required quorum of 158.

Ministry Theme of the Month

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slide show photos by Linda Mjolsnes, John Woodcock, Jason Haworth, and others.