WonderfUUl Families

We invite you to join us this August to participate in Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington’s WonderfUUl Families program!
WonderfUUl Families has a mission: to provide your whole family, regardless of age, with fun UU crafts and activities to do together, each of which will become a tool for spiritual practice in your home. This is always a good idea, but never more so than now. We can “do church” and be UU anywhere!

Packages will be safely delivered via no contact by Saturday, August 1st!  If you did not receive a kit and would like one, please contact Adrienne Summerlot dre@nulluubloomington.org

Week 1: August 2nd- August 8thMake your own Chalice and Mini-Sabbaths
Week 2: August 9th- August 15th- Gratitude Café and Grace Meals
Week 3: August 16th- August 22nd- Prayer Baskets & Snail Mail
Week 4: August 23rd- August 29th- Creating a Family Covenant

Each week’s pages will take you through the whole activity from chalice lighting to the closing music.

A Welcome video from our Director of Religious Education will walk you through the kit and what to expect this month!





Some tips:

  • Set aside about an hour for each activity. We are striving for connection, not perfection.
  • You *can* join us on Zoom at scheduled times, but you do not have to!  This kit was designed to fit into your family life no matter when and where you do the activities.
  • Some activities are crafts you might want to do outdoors or at a table. Others are meditations, and there’s always closing music. It’s nice to be able to shut your eyes or even lie down during those parts. You may enjoy it during these in different spaces of your home.
  • Almost everything you need is in the kit, but there are a few exceptions. You’ll need crayons, markers (I recommend fine tip), or pens. A few games make use of items you have around the house. A timer will also be useful, and if you don’t have a free Spotify account, now’s a good time to get one, as the music is primarily shared through Spotify links.
  • This kit will take your family through August 2020. We will have our virtual Water Communion ingathering service on Sunday, September 6th, and our Fall programming will begin virtually in September.
  • You’ll also find some new “Busy Bag” resources in this kit. These are aligned with a model pioneered by DRE Joy Berry called “Soul Work.” Research finds that certain kinds of handiwork, including sewing, knitting, and mandala-making, stimulate the same brain activity like meditation and prayer. Grownups, feel free to try them out yourselves! We hope that these will support your family in bringing spiritual practices into your home life, help you engage with worship experiences, and connect as a family with each other and to other families at church.

Please let us know if you have any questions or need support with any aspect of the kit.

Your R.E. Team,
Adrienne, Emily, and Stephanie