Winter Play 2020

Welcome to Winter Play for Families!  One of the beautiful things we have learned about our congregation during this time is that it reaches far beyond the walls of the church building.
We hope that you will find time to play as a family, reconnect with your inner curious child, and find opportunities to learn and share with one another through this Winter Play.
If you did not receive a kit, please know you are still welcome to join us whenever and however you feel comfortable.   The materials in this kit are designed for you to engage with some of the many holidays, holy days, and observances from late November through early January.  For questions about Winter Play, contact our Director of Religious Education, Adrienne Summerlot.

Watch this video (above) to see what is in your kit and when/how to use it!


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Visit these fun virtual rooms!

When you interact with various elements in the room (by clicking), you can listen to music, hear stories, and more!