Summer Religious Exploration

School may be starting soon, but we have found that our elementary school aged kiddos  and families enjoy the opportunity to connect with friends in different grades and do something fun together, so we continue to offer Religious Exploration through the month of August.  Our preschool kiddos however, really thrive in a consistent environment so they will meet in their usual classroom and explore some fun water inspired stories!  We are thrilled to announce our August Intersession is Stream of Possibility!   Adults be sure to check out this handy guide to the August Intersession, it might just answer any questions you might have.


Childcare (Room 108)

Preschool (Room 103)

Art Explorations (Room 208) –  We will work together to create scenery,  miniature boats, and play fun games! All skill levels welcome.


Childcare (Room 108)

Preschool (Room 103)

Art Explorations (Room 208)  will work together to create scenery,  miniature boats, and play fun games!  All skill levels welcome.

Moving Storytellers (Library)  will help bring the story to life!

Musicans (Library) with the help of Colleen Haas will experiment with sound effects, play water gourds and other musical instruments.

Singers (Room 210) with the direction of Jill Courtney will learn a special song for our Gift of Music.

We would especially LOVE if Middle School and High School Youth would join us!  If you are a youth who would be willing to play an instrument that you currently practice- winds, strings, drums, guitar, etc.  Please contact Adrienne Summerlot

Our Religious Education Classes will begin on Sunday, September 8th from Kindergarten-8th grade. High School Youth Group resumes on Sunday, August 11th at 12:30pm.

NEW! Youth Leadership Program

Questions about our Summer Religious Exploration? Contact any member of our RE Team.
Adrienne Summerlot, Director of Religious Education
Rev. Emily Manvel Leite, Minister of Religious Education
Dalton Gibson, Religious Education Assistant