2023-24 Pledge Campaign

Support the 2023-24 Pledge Campaign!

Thank you for your support of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington. Our annual pledge campaign in support of our operating budget is in full swing! Below you will find information around pledging and this year’s campaign.

While the finance committee determines a budget based on the level of pledges we receive, we are projecting a budget target of $685,000 – a 15% increase over last year.

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Why pledges?

While people have a wide range of reasons for financially supporting UUCB, we ask for pledges of financial support to allow us to have an operating budget for the coming year. Everything we do as a church is fueled in part by the financial pledges of our members and friends.

What are our budget priorities for this year?

A solid financial footing for the coming year and beyond will enable us to:

  • Offer a competitive salary to attract a strong candidate to be our new settled lead minister, who will offer thought-provoking and spirit-enhancing sermons and leadership.
  • Offer a level of benefits for our staff that will align with our congregational value of being a fair and equitable employer.
  • Include a rich and varied musical component in our services that speaks to our hearts and nurtures our connections to one another.Make a positive difference in the intellectual and spiritual lives of our congregants through Lifespan Religious Education.
  • Offer solace and support to congregants through our caregiving activities.
  • Serve the wider community through our many social justice endeavors.
  • Nurture and challenge people with diverse theological beliefs who join together in liberal religious community.

How do I pledge?

Pledging is easy! Fill out the online pledge form, or fill out a pledge card in person at the church.

2023-24 Online Pledge Form

How much should I pledge?

While everyone answers this question for themselves, we simply ask that everyone gives as generously as they can based on their financial situation and their commitment to UUCB. For some, Dan Quilter’s encouragement to “Give until it feels good” is all they need. Others have asked for more particular guidance. Click here for the Suggested Fair Share Contribution Guide.