Spurgeons Academy

Spurgeon’s School

Spurgeon’s is a K-9 school for AIDS orphans in Kibera, Nairobi – with 1.5 million people concentrated in one square mile, the largest slum in Africa, and one of its most destitute.


Spurgeon’s now has an enrollment of about 600 students. They use the funds given biannually for buying textbooks, building much needed infrastructure on their property, some of which has been reclaimed from the railroad which took it, for staff salaries and other pressing needs.


The school now includes not only a social worker to help with finding foster families and other student-related issues and the link with a next door clinic that treats students who are AIDS-positive, and also a childcare facility for the younger siblings (age 3 and over) of some students. Their annual budget, largely from UK charities, is about $66,000, so the $6500 we provided in 2017 added about a tenth to it, an important supplement. In 2019 visit about $8000 was given. During the worst  COVID we could not visit Spurgeon’s. Each gift’s preceded receipt of proposal from Spurgeon’s headmaster detailing what funds are needed to accomplish goals.  In 2023 we’ll  go and provide approximately $10,000 made possible because IOTF now helps only Spurgeon’s. Kenya is well known  to be rife with corruption, which affected the other project to point that we could not continue our support for them, especially while our fund raising efforts were strongly diminished during COVID.

Distribution of donated clothes at Spurgeon’sAcademy

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