What does it mean to be a Unitarian Universalist?  How do we enact our principles and promises in each of our lives?  And when we do, what doors open for us and for the world?

These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring in this new class for youth ages 7-13.  We’ll use stories, discussions, games, art, video, and more to deepen our understandings of our shared faith tradition and build our UU identities.  There will be chances to earn keys to unlock virtual portals, do real world work for justice and peace, and bring our big questions into focus.

Together, we will

build strong inter-connections among students, teachers, and the congregation,

enrich our understanding of Unitarian Universalist values and practices,

celebrate being together, and


Designed and launched in the midst of an unpredictable global pandemic, IMUU features resilience, flexibility, and intentional community-building.  We know that families will differ in their sense of when it is safe to gather in person, and we expect that there will be ongoing disruptions as cases numbers rise and new variants emerge. To accommodate the unpredictability, IMUU lessons are modular and self-paced. We are also working on making the program available remotely, so that students can continue their work from home if that becomes necessary.   At the same time, we know that there is much value in being together; we will make the most of our face-to-face interactions by focusing on our connections and sharing friendship-building skills.

In the days before our planned launch on January 9, 2022, Covid case numbers in Monroe County have been rising, presenting the first challenge to our efforts to be flexible and resilient!  Our response is… Omicron Intersession.  Read on…


Monroe County is now in the  “Extreme” risk level as listed on CovidActNow, so we will hold off on any in-person indoor meetings until the Omicron wave passes.

In the meantime, we have some activities to help us get to know each other, get ready for class, and have some fun.  In fact, we have so many things planned that it’s unlikely anyone will do them all (hmmm, is that a CHALLENGE???) so we’re presenting them in the form of a Bingo card.  When you sign up for the class, you’ll receive your own Bingo card with live links and explanations, but if you want a sneak preview, here it is (be aware, this is not the actual Bingo card!):


Start the ball rolling by signing up for IMUU today!  We look forward to seeing you.