Covid Memorial: Story Project

Covid Memorial: Story Project

As part of the Covid Memorial Installation, we invite you to share your stories of your experience of the pandemic. Simply make a 2-3 minute video recording of yourself telling about your experience, and upload it to our folder.  If you prefer to have somebody else record you telling your story, please contact Stephanie Kimball to arrange an appointment at the church or at your residence.

Instructions for video recording:

1) Orient your device horizontally so that it is in landscape mode

2) Use a tripod to steady your device (you may borrow ours!)

3) Make sure you have good lighting.  Natural lighting is best. Face a window for great natural light. Never have the window behind you or you’ll be left with a silhouette.

4) Minimize distracting background sounds like TVs, cars, etc. if possible.

5) Begin by saying your name.

6) We can trim the beginning and ending, so don’t worry about that.

7) Upload your video to our shared Google Drive.


Some prompts to get you started:

How has your life changed as a result of the pandemic?  What have you lost? What have you gained?

How has your experience of the pandemic changed over the past two years?

What do you miss most about pre-pandemic life?

How has the pandemic affected your work or your school experience?

Is there anything that you find you appreciate more now, as a result of your pandemic experience?

What have you learned?

What do you think may have changed permanently?