NEST Guidelines

NEW Guidelines from NEST about Gathering in Person during Covid-19

Updated March 14, 2022

The NEST (Next Steps in Transition) working group met on Monday, March 14th, 2022. Upon further review of the most recent data on COVID hospitalizations, current scientific evidence regarding differential risks for vaccinated and unvaccinated persons, and current UUA guidance, the working group has issued revised guidelines for worship services.


Sunday Worship Guidelines for In-person Attendees:

  • The seating capacity of the Meeting Room will be increased to its pre-pandemic level beginning March 20, 2022. Because the March 20th service will be held in the round, seating capacity may not quite reach pre-pandemic levels for that service.
  • Vaccination, including the third dose booster, against Covid-19 will still be required.
  • N95, KN95, or double masking will still be required.
  • We will no longer discourage hugging in general, although will encourage all attendees to be mindful that different people have different levels of comfort with physical contact.
  • Pre-registration for worship services will not be required.
  • Quiet singing in worship services will be allowed (encouraged, even!).


We will continue to live stream services for those who prefer to participate in services virtually.


As always, each individual must decide what is right for them and whether or not to attend activities in person.

For a complete list of current guidelines, including guidelines for in-person meetings, please click on this link:
Warmest regards,
The NEST Working Group: Jane McLeod, Abby Gitlitz, Michele Grove, Judy Klein, Ann LeDuc, Dan Lodge-Rigal, Sarah Sanchez, Melinda Swenson, and Reverend Mary Ann Macklin.

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