11:15am—Kindergarten– Adult will meet in Room 208

We will gather to create, invent, tinker, explore and discover using a variety of tools and materials.

Note: adults please sign children under 5th grade in and out of class!

Our goal with offering Makerspace during the 11:15am service is to connect people and to hold space for creative exploration, a safe place to experiment and to challenge ourselves to think critically, problem solve and discover new ways to do things.  We believe that Makerspace encourages us to drawn on our Unitarian Universalist promises of Yearning to Learn and Believing in Our Ideas.  We also think this a wonderful way to lean into our June theme of Hospitality, as we are making things to be used in our wider community and July’s theme of Grace, as investigate ways to find a bit of grace in our everyday life.

For more information on Makerspace and Take Home activities, check out these resources:

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Love making things or seeing things others make? You might want to mark the annual Makevention hosted by BloomingLabs on August 24th (unaffiliated link).

Are you happiest when you are tinkering, crafting, using tools or creating something?  Perhaps you could provide support and encouragement to youth and adults who are working on project!  We are looking for volunteers who can assist others using tools that range from simple to complex.  If you have a specific expertise in making something that you would be willing to lead, please contact Adrienne Summerlot, Director of Religious Education  so she can coordinate with you.  (Ie: crochet, woodburning, soapmaking, carpentry, coding, etc)
We need volunteers to help us make this program successful, volunteering is fun! You can sign up to help just one Sunday (or more!) here.

Look for news about special guests who may be joining us to share their passion or talent in Family Emails and the Friday Update!  

Questions?  Contact Adrienne Summerlot, Director of Religious Education