Registration for Fellowship Dinners

Fellowship Potluck Dinners

The perfect way to meet newcomers and old timers in small, convivial groups!

Register online here:  Fellowship Dinners Sign Up

Coordinator: Kathy Gilbert,

❖ When: November 2022 through April 2023.

❖ What: You share a potluck meal with a small group of friendly UUs in someone’s home. Once a year you host a group.

❖ How: The Fellowship Dinners coordinator sends a list of guests to the host, who contacts the guests, establishes a mutually agreed date for the meal, and prepares the main dish. The guests bring the rest of the dishes for the meal: appetizer, salad, vegetable, dessert, beverage, etc.

Be creative and carefree! The Fellowship Dinner can be a dinner, or it can be a breakfast, brunch, lunch, or picnic!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a gourmet cook?

You can join in Fellowship Dinners even if you bring a dish from the deli.

What if I am not part of a couple?

Single or paired, you are welcome at Fellowship Dinners.

What if my house and table are small?

Fellowship Dinners can be for as few as 4 guests. On your Registration Form note the number of guests youcan accommodate. Some folks with small or distant homes might make arrangements to host in someone else’s (larger, closer) home.

Must I host?

Hosting UUs is an enjoyable experience; however, you don’t have to host if you have limitations that cannot be overcome. Let the coordinator know that.

Will I eat with the same people every month?

One of the great attractions of Fellowship Dinners is the chance to meet a different group of UUs every month.

What if I cannot participate every month?

When you register, mark the months you cannot participate.

How do I register?

Click here to sign up online! You can also pick up a paper form at the church and leave it in the office (Room 204).

May I still enroll later in the year?

Yes. Just send in the form as soon as you can.