Future Kenya Trips

Biennial Kenya Trips

Every two years, an IOTF group goes to Kenya to catch up on the projects, bring much-needed clothing to the AIDS orphans, and buy new stock to bring back. There is already one person definitely planning to go in 2019.

Participants in the trip are expected to help with the fundraising ahead of time. There is a new scholarship available offered by a donation from Harv Hegarty to pay for the ticket for a young person to go on the trip, which we have done twice in the past, but not in 2017. Trip participants normally help on the trip not just by carrying around big suitcases (filled with donated clothes on the way over, and items bought for fundraising on the way home), but also by taking photos, talking with beneficiaries, and applauding their efforts. We are not missionaries and do not have the intention of converting anyone or telling them what to do. Rather we try to further their efforts to help themselves, which follows best development practices.

Should you come to Kenya in 2019? Talk to Claire Robertson or any member of IOTF.

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