Fund Raising IOTF

Fundraising IOTF

In the banner years, 2015-`7, we raised approximately $22,000, of which $2500 went for buying new stock. The rest, $19,500, went to the three groups we then supported in Kenya, $6500 each to the Spurgeons Academy, Msamaria Mwema, and the Ndethya Women’s Cooperative.

Glass-blowing at the Kitengela Glass Works, outside Nairobi. We sell decorative glass from this factory.

Sales of jewelry, glass and other items donated and purchased in Kenya produced over half of the total raised. Sales were held at the UU Bazaar; Indiana Memorial Union; Washington, DC Cathedral School Reunion; African Studies Association Conferences, 2016 and ’17; and at Claire Robertson’s home. We are looking for other venues. In 2018 we sold  at the Monroe County Convention Center, using a UU grant of $300 to pay for the space. Some of these opportunities no longer exit , even The  Conference Center in the Union. However we now have access to the church space t sell

The IOTF holds bake sales the third Sunday of each month all year. (We could use more volunteers to host.) Bake sales produce a yielded reliable income of about $2400 per year at that time. Due to various factors causing attrition they now yield about $1800 per year. Many thanks to bakers and hosts! We also participate in football parking, with other Social Justice task forces. Like other task forces, we also receive tax-deductible donations.

Kazuri beads

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