Early Risers Breakfast Club


9:15am Preschool– Adults will meet in the Kitchen

Join us to cook up some fun in the kitchen with friends as we make simple breakfast foods for all the early risers who attend 9:15am service!

Note: adults please sign children under 5th grade in and out of class!

Our goal with offering Cooking during the 9:15am service is to connect people and to help educate our congregation about sustainable cooking and eating lower on the food chain, which helps us to put our Unitarian Universalist promises of Yearning to Learn and Value the Earth into action.  We also think this a wonderful way to lean into our June theme of Hospitality and July’s theme of Grace, as we know food brings folks together and sometimes, we are lucky to leave the house on time and sometimes, that means a rushed or skipped breakfast.

Are you happiest in the kitchen?  Would you like to serve ONE Sunday as a Breakfast Host Adult/Family?

Be the host family for a Sunday breakfast. Bring any or all of your household cooks to help first service kids, youth, and the RE staff make delicious food for first service attendees.

You can add a family favorite food to the menu if you would like.

We need volunteers to help us make this program successful, volunteering is fun! You can sign up to help just one Sunday (or more!) here.  

Look for news about what we are cooking up each week in Family Emails and the Friday Update!  
Questions?  Contact Emily Manvel Leite, Minister of Religious Education   mre@nulluubloomington.org