What Do UUs Believe?

Members share their beliefs

"Regardless of background, we (UUs) each share a few fundamental convictions. Too often in this world, religion has been the agent of division and fear. Unitarian Universalism seeks to heal a fractured world and the broken lives within it by calling every one of us to the best that is in us. Beyond nationalism and ethnic prejudice, beyond materialism and greed, beyond the petty and the shallow — we invoke a global loyalty, an ecological ethic, and a deeper mercy."

"In the last analysis our Unitarian Universalist mission and the faith that sustains it are clear and straightforward: We would treat the wounds of a narrow spirit with the salve of a generous heart. How better than to eradicate fear? How better than to honor life's mysteries?"

Quoted from Rev. William F. Schulz, a past president of the Unitarian Universalist Association and currently executive director of Amnesty International USA.

Unitarian Universalist Association - challis image courtesy of Steve Bridenbaugh