What do Unitarian Universalists believe about Jesus?

Although UUism comes from a Christian tradition, ours is not a Christian church per se (a small percentage of UUs call themselves Christian), but it welcomes Christians, as it does all people, in its catholicity. Ours is a non-creedal, non-doctrinal religion. So as we are not a Christian church, neither are we Buddhist, Confucian, Hindu, Islamic, Judaic, nor Taoist. We do, however, draw wisdom from these and other of the world's religions, which inspires us in our ethical and spiritual life.

Most UUs don't believe that Jesus was a supernatural being. Many would say that the power of his love, the penetrating simplicity of his teachings, and the force of his example of service on behalf of the disenfranchised and the downtrodden are what is crucial, not his supposed miraculous birth nor the claim that he was resurrected from the dead. Some would say that Jesus was the son of God, as we are all sons and daughters of God, but not the same as God.

Generally UUs regard Jesus as one of several important moral and ethical teachers who have shown humans how to live a life of love, service, and compassion. Our concern is not with how he was born or how he died, but with how he lived.

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