Adult Choir Resources

Sue conducting 2-21-16


Adult Choir Resources

From time to time we will post links here to helpful rehearsal recordings, schedules for upcoming special rehearsals, and other details useful to members of our Choir. Choir members, if you can’t get these links to work, please contact Carol Marks, 812-287-9615 (church office mobile).

Thursday Zoom choir rehearsals continue at 7:30 p.m. See your email for the zoom link to the rehearsal.

Sicut Cervus in F (woodwinds)

This is the recording Carol was talking about at choir on 3/18/21. It’s in the same key and pretty easy to sing along with, even though it’s all woodwinds.


Weave In, My Hardy Life by Aaron Travers (2019)

commissioned in honor of Dan Quilter

We will perform this in the coming year!

Click here for rehearsal recordings and a video about how to make a video of yourself for our virtual performance.

Here’s a video of the choir rehearsal on October 22, 2020.

Notes from the Composer:

At the above link, there are four “guides,” one for each voice.  In each guide, singers will hear all the voices and instruments, but their OWN voice type (e.g. alto) will be slightly louder than the rest.  In addition, there is an annotated score that the singers should sing from.  It contains more specific instructions on how to sing particular passages.

New Voice Guides for Weave In added to the google drive folder (10/26/2020):

Steve Pollitt made these solo practice recordings for us, also:

Please watch Miggy Torres’ instructional (and amusing) video (also found at the main link above) before recording.  It includes lots of important information on what to wear, how to position the camera, etc.
Once the singers are ready to upload their video, they can access the link provided.  There, they should find a sub-folder called “Put your Video here [last name_voice part].”  They should be sure to label their file accordingly.  e.g. [Travers_Tenor].
Finally, there is a track labelled “WeaveIn_ALL,” which includes all voices (solos only) + instruments as the piece is meant to sound.


Let Us Go Out score:

(click on image and zoom in to view full size)












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