Becoming a Member

Membership is open to those 14 and older who signify sympathy with the purposes of the church. There are no creedal tests, but we encourage you to make an informed decision by first attending the Exploring Unitarian Universalism classes or by making an appointment to talk with a minister.

We ask members to bring their gifts of participation and financial support. One is not a substitute for the other. We need them both.

We ask four things of members:

  • Partake – Find a small group that feeds your soul: a young adult group, the choir, the Women's Alliance, an adult religious education class, etc.
  • Pitch in – Join in the work of the church, such as greeting visitors, serving coffee, joining a committee or task force, teaching a class for children or adults, or pulling weeds.
  • Pledge – Make a pledge to support the church financially as you are able. Work toward a goal of 5% of gross income. Know that you are welcome here, whatever you are able to give.
  • Participate – Take part in congregational meetings.
For more information about membership in our congregation, contact our membership coordinator at
Unitarian Universalist Association - challis image courtesy of Steve Bridenbaugh