Social Justice History

Throughout its history, the Bloomington Unitarian Universalist congregation has been concerned with social justice issues. Members and ministers of our church provided the nucleus of leadership for establishing the Planned Parenthood Association of Monroe County, the Bloomington Memorial Society, the Monroe County Mental Health Association, the Unicorn Gallery, the Family Services Association, and the Bloomington Developmental Learning Center.

In the early years as a Fellowship, the congregation was active in local and state efforts to strengthen civil liberties. It made its facility available for some of the early Bloomington meetings of the American Civil Liberties Union at a time when the popular climate was unfriendly toward that organization. In the 1960s many members participated in the civil rights movement, and the congregation contributed funds to send its minister to march in Selma, Alabama. For a short time in 1966, we shared our minister with the embattled Jackson, Mississippi, Unitarian church. In the late 1970s, members sponsored the resettlement of a refugee family from Vietnam.

In the 1990s, faith in action included certification by the Unitarian Universalist Association as a Welcoming Congregation in recognition of our commitment to affirm and support the GLBT community. Members demonstrated nationally for abortion rights, children's rights, and women's safety.

Since 2000, faith in action has been reflected in our support of an active prison ministry, work toward abolition of the death penalty, vigorous opposition to the war in Iraq, lobbying on behalf of access to civil marriage for gays and lesbians, work toward combating global climate change, and partnership with Trinity Episcopal Church and the Bloomington Friends Meeting to fund and construct a Habitat for Humanity house. Choir members have been deeply affected by their Martin Luther King Day presentations at the Wabash Valley Correctional Facility.

Unitarian Universalist Association - challis image courtesy of Steve Bridenbaugh