Note: if you are donating to fulfill a pledge commitment, please note that it is a pledge payment, along with the fiscal year it’s going towards (i.e. “Pledge 19-20” or “Pledge 20-21”).  This helps us make our record keeping more accurate. Thank you!

Credit Cards / Online Giving — Newly Updated!

Click on the following link to make a donation using PayPal:

We have set up a PayPal page (as of 3-15-2020) where you can make contributions using VISA, Mastercard or Discover. You do not need to have a PayPal account of your own to give using this page. There is a drop-down list there that allows you to choose what the donation is for. Do let us know what it’s for, so we can credit you appropriately. There is also a little box where you can type us a message in case further clarification is needed.

Here again is the PayPal page link:

The PayPal page is secure and works the way you would expect.

If you have any questions, please email Carol Marks, Church Administrator, admin (at)

Online Bill Pay

Many banks and financial institutions offer a convenient online bill pay option. You can set up a one-time or recurring payment to the church, directly through your bank. The bank will cut the check for you and mail it directly to us. Call your bank for more information.

Cash or Check

  • Place in Sunday offering: Please place your cash or check in the offering basket during the Sunday worship service.
  • Bring it by the church office: We are open Monday-Friday, 10-4.
  • Currently our building is closed to slow the possible spread of coronavirus and covid-19 in our community. It is still okay to mail us a paper check to make a donation or contribution towards your pledge. –Carol Marks, 3-18-2020
  • Mail to the church: UU Church, 2120 N. Fee Lane, Bloomington IN 47408

Stock Donations or Required Minimum Distributions

There may be tax advantages in giving appreciated stock or making direct contributions to the church through your IRA. Please consult with your broker or the administrator of your IRA for details on how to give this way.  If you wish to make a donation of stock, please call 812-332-3695 for the name of the church’s brokerage firm.  Click here for an article from our Treasurer on Tax Advantaged Giving.

Planned Giving

Our congregation has an active Planned Giving program. Please click here for information about including the church in your estate planning.


Gifts come in many forms—money, time, energy, passion, talent, and effort. We celebrate our responsibility in using these gifts well to support Unitarian Universalism here in our congregation and in our community.



Many thanks to Jason Puracal, Executive Director, and Nicole Duff, Membership Development Director, from East Shore Unitarian Church in Bellevue, Washington, for inspiration in constructing this webpage!

–Carol Marks, Church Administrator