Stewardship – AnnualPledge

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2016-17 Pledge Campaign is in progress!

This year’s annual pledge campaign theme is “We are!” celebrating all of the different voices and perspectives we bring as Unitarian Universalists. For 2016-17, we are trying out open pledging. Friends and members may make their pledge to the annual campaign for the 2016-17 operating budget at any time and we hope to wrap up the campaign with a “Celebration Sunday” on April 3rd, 2016.

Why pledge?

People’s motivations for pledging are highly personal and individual but in general they represent a way of supporting this congregation as a part of our own lives and the life of our larger community and world. At a practical level, we pledge in early Spring in order to give our finance committee a reasonable number that they can use to build a budget for the congregation to approve at our annual meeting in June.

What should I pledge?

What to pledge is as individual as why people pledge. As a reflective prompt, friends and members are encouraged to “give until it feels good” for you personally, recognizing that people’s financial situation changes from year to year and that an amount that feels right will change as well. Striving for a budget that reflects our values is something else we are working towards as individuals as well as as a congregation. For those who appreciate more concrete guidelines we have a modified version of pledging guidelines from the UUA that you can consider:

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How to Pledge?

We have several ways for you to make your pledge. During Open Pledging, pledge cards and members of the Stewardship Committee will be available between services. We also have an

easy online version of the pledge form.

You do not have to make your pledge online, however.  If you would prefer to make your pledge by phone or in person, you can always contact church administrator Carol Marks by stopping by during office hours, calling the church office at 812-332-3695, or emailing