Our Annual Pledge Drive usually takes place in the early spring each year.

If you would like to make a pledge commitment at any time of year, please contact the office at office (at) We are happy to help!

April 23, 2020

This year is a wee bit different than usual!

Due to the stay at home orders because of the coronavirus pandemic, our congregation is doing lots of things differently this April than we did last April.

Back in April 2019, when we were encouraging pledge commitments for the current year (19-20, started on July 1, 2019), Reverend Macklin asked us to also make a pledge for the next year (20-21, starts on July 1, 2020) so that we could skip having a pledge drive in Spring 2020. Turns out that was a REALLY good plan! Most of our members have already pledged for 20-21; many of them pledged the same amount as for 19-20, but some raised their pledge for the coming year. Many, many thanks to all who have already taken this step!

There are about 100 more UU families who pledged last year who have not yet pledged for 20-21. Helpful members of our Board have recently sent emails to remind you about this important matter. We are deep in planning our budget for 20-21 so that we can have it ready for our June 7 Congregational Meeting, so we would love to have your pledge number as soon as possible.

To make a pledge right now for 2020-21 (July 1, 2020-June 30, 2021) please click here to complete our handy and very straightforward online pledge form. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


How to Fulfill your Pledge Commitment

After you’ve made your pledge, you can fulfill it at any time, in whatever way works best for you. You can make one payment, or installments, i.e. quarterly, monthly, weekly. We can set up an autopay from your checking or on a credit card. See our DONATE page for details on ways to give.

To make record keeping easy on our end, please note on your check that it is a pledge payment, along with the fiscal year it’s going towards (i.e. “Pledge 19-20” or “Pledge 20-21”). Thank you!


Stewardship includes all the ways we care for our congregation. Financial gifts, gifts of time, and gifts of talent are our love and commitment made visible.  All aspects of stewardship can be as much about continually nurturing a spirit of generosity as they are about obligation and responsibility.

Support Our Congregation!

You do not need to be a member of the congregation to make a financial pledge. Everyone is welcome to participate and support the work of our congregation!

Our operating budget is the way that the congregation is able to cover all our operating costs, including minister and staff salaries, building and grounds upkeep and maintenance, programming, and social justice work beyond our walls.


Fourth of July Parade, 2019


Sand Mandala, 2018

Here’s a slide show from Earth Day/Pledge Day 4-22-17 Rev. Macklin created it on her phone! (It takes a minute to download.)



 Our Special Purposes Fund

The Special Purposes Fund (SPF) supports the Church’s religious, charitable, educational and civic purposes beyond activities under the normal operating budget, via management of both endowment and general funds. It accepts both direct donations and donations from estates through Planned Giving.

Current members of the Special Purposes Fund Committee are Andrew Appel, Harlan Lewis, and Kathleen Sideli. The church’s Treasurer and one other Board member also serve on the committee.

Read details of SPF activity in the Annual Report for 2019.

Contributions to SPF may be made through

  • Direct Donations
  • Planned Giving

Contact the Special Purposes Fund Committee at