Youth Religious Education Committee

Our youth religious education committee meets monthly to review past and upcoming events for the three main groups in which the youth of our church participate

The committee addresses successes and gaps in the programs in order to support the advisors and staff who help to facilitate youth activities, and to find solutions or make improvements if and when the programs fall short.

Recently, most of the committee members, as well as at-large church members, devoted time to reviewing where the youth program loses its members and how we can support families, increase youth involvement in the church, and keep our youth connections strong. (See the Continuing Connections link below).

Chair: Yvonne Wittmann


  • Amy Makice
  • Susan Roy
  • Mara Flynn, High School Youth Representative
  • Abe Leite, High School Youth Representative
  • Rotating High School Youth Advisor
  • Rotating Middle School Youth Advisor

Staff Liaisons:

  • Emily Manvel Leite, Minister of Religious Education
  • Adrienne Summerlot, Director of Religious Education

The next meeting is scheduled for:

  • Tuesday, December 8th -6:30-7:30pm Room 110

2015-2016 Meeting Minutes

2014-2015 Youth Religious Education Committee Report

Continuing Connections