Racial Justice Task Force

Racial Justice Task Force

The task force’s goal is to participate in the transformation to a more racially just work with respect to its economic, social, political, and criminal justice systems.

  • Make available education resources, opportunities for conversations, and times for reflection to explore structural racism and how to best respond to it.
  • Provide service to current civil rights movement to help dismantle racism and dismantle white supremacy.
  • Promote strong anti-racist community.
  • Raise awareness ongoing UU congregations and role of the General Assembly In civil rights movement.
  • Create space more welcoming to people of color.
  • Organize and engage in non-violent actions intended to further the goal of racial justice.

Possible activities for year

  • Fundraising events for financial support as well as raising awareness of task force
  • Distribute Black Lives Matter materials
  • Begin a resource page on UUCB website
  • Film and/or book discussions
  • Support General Assembly Action of Immediate Witness that call for UU Congregations to support Black Lives Matter.
  • Identify meaningful ways to work with Religious Education.

Contact Martha Foster marthaletv@nullgmail.com


Criminal Justice in Monroe County, Indiana: A 20-Year Perspective

UU Church Bloomington and Local Resources 

  • Book table: Some Racial Justice books and materials available Sundays between services at UUCB. See selected reading list below.
  • Art exhibit at UUC Bloomington: Mothers of the Movement, by Kate Deciccio
  • Videos produced by Alan Backler contact Martha Foster for information: MarthaLETV@nullgmail.com:

Resilience: Indiana’s Untold Story, stage performance written by Dr. Gladys DeVane andLiz Mitchell

Rev. Ernie Butler, 2nd Baptist Bloomington

Living with Jim Crow in Monroe County


National UU Organizations and Resources

National Organizations and Resources

Selected Books on Racial Justice

Whiteness and white fragility work by Robin DiAngelo

  • DiAngelo, R. (2011). White FragilityInternational Journal of Critical Pedagogy, 3(3).
This looks like an excellent video series:
More of the episodes are available on Youtube than on the website: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ii4pLywfGnU&list=PLsZho11YpZnhRq3hW9JmG3uSgbc3FH9-j