How you can help!

How you can help!

We urge Members and Friends to remember the financial needs of the  Church.  Although we are not meeting in person during the the Covid-19 emergency, our Ministers and Staff are busier than ever with online worship services, pastoral care, and social justice.  Please maintain or if possible increase your financial pledge to the congregation. 

Covid-19 is an enormous hardship for the most vulnerable people in the Bloomington community.  Our social justice task forces hope you will help us support the following efforts, both with your time, volunteerism, and financial resources.


Homelessness and Hunger Task Forces

Habitat Task Force

Hope for Prisoners Task Force

Just Peace Task Force

End of  Life Task Force: End of Life Issues in Time of COVID-19

Supporting Children and Families in Time of COVID-19

Green Sanctuary Task Force on Global Climate Change: Environmental Justice Films



Homelessness and Hunger Task Forces

Through November 30, 2020, we will be collecting food, hygiene items, and clothing for Shalom Community Center  and food for our Pantry at College Square.

Click here to see the updated lists of needed items. We have placed collection bins outside the building, under the north side porch near the Portico Entrance. Simply drive up and drop off–we are collecting donations from these bins daily.

MCUM Christmas baskets – suggested list – please deliver to MCUM by December 4.

Many thanks! –Homelessness Task Force and Hunger Task Force


Volunteer Opportunities at Shalom or Wheeler Mission
Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities at these shelters.


Volunteer Opportunities at Middle Way House
Click here to see the ways you can volunteer at Middle Way House, emergency shelter for survivors of domestic violence.


Habitat Task Force

Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County has temporarily paused all volunteer building, homeowner training, the housing application process and retail ReStore operations. The homeownership journeys of more than 20 families are on hold. Because of the economic impact of COVID-19, Habitat’s president and CEO Wendi Goodlett estimates about 50% of its existing homeowners will not be able to pay mortgages for some period of time. Many families in the program work in industries at the forefront of the crisis. Habitat is asking for financial donations to make it possible to offer mortgage relief to homeowners who need it and to continue building, when feasible. Donations can be made online at:!/donation/checkout



Hope for Prisoners Task Force

Collection of Items for New Leaf-New Life

September 20-October 20 Our Hope for Prisoners Task Force is allied with Monroe County’s New Leaf-New Life, Inc., a non-profit that, in addition to assisting local jail inmates, supports those returning to our community from jail or prison via a local Transition Support Center (TSC). Many of our incarcerated neighbors come home with only the clothes they are released in. The TSC accepts clothing donations of any type. (Any not needed by TSC clients are exchanged for Goodwill clothing vouchers, which are distributed to clients.) There is always a need for new socks, new underwear, hygiene products, and backpacks. To support this effort, our Task Force is providing a labeled tote for such donations outside the church portico entrance from September 20 through October 20. Donations will be collected regularly and delivered to the TSC. Donations are deeply appreciated! –Chris Haynes, Hope for Prisoners Task Force>

New Leaf—New Life serves inmates of the Monroe County jail and  individuals who have recently been released to our community. See their Donate page for monetary and material needs and their Volunteer page for ways to directly assist in the current emergency.


Just Peace Task Force

As we face a deadly pandemic, as well as global climate chaos, it is beyond belief that anyone would intentionally increase the risk of a third existential threat that could easily be ominicidal: nuclear war.  Yet the Trump administration is threatening to let the most important nuclear arms control treaty — the New START Treaty — expire and to plunge into an uncontrolled and destablizing arms race with Russia.  We must act now.

As Friends Committee on National Legislation warns:  “If there’s anything the world doesn’t need right now, it’s a new arms race. Not only would an arms race move us even closer to nuclear war, but it would consume resources that should otherwise be allocated towards more pressing needs: health care, jobs, and food security. Even so, the Trump administration is still wavering on whether the United States will extend the treaty.” For more information, including how to take action, please see:  In the Shadow of the Coronavirus, Fate of New START Remains Unclear

The President of the United States Freezes over $500 million in funding to the World Health Organization: 
Please write to Senator Todd Young (top priority) and to Senator Braun and Congressman Hollingsworth, and demand that Congress restore  funds that are our share of support for the World Health Organization. The President’s withholding of $553 million for political reasons is inexcusable folly and a crime against humanity.

Covid-19 is about to hit the world’s most vulnerable people in developing nations. These nations lack strong health care systems, and without help from WHO, many millions would likely die. In turn, a huge second wave of infection would reach the United States. Please contact our Senators and Representative.
Learn more:  What the W.H.O. Does, and How U.S. Funding Cuts Could Affect It

Behind the curtain of COVID-19, threat of war persists. More actions suggested by our Just Peace Task Force: Please write to Senator Todd Young and ask him to co-sponsor the “No War with Iran Act,” S. 3159

President Trump is blocking any relief to Iran from sanctions. The result is that Iran can’t fight Covid-19, not only costing the lives of innocent civilians but making it harder to quell this worldwide danger. Ask Senator Young to co-sponsor S.3159.

Do the same for Mike Braun. Then please try Rep Trey Hollingsworth, this time for the House version, H.R. 5543.


Environmental Justice Films

FRONTLINERS shines the spotlight on two communities: a) the indigenous community in Minnesota fighting against the Line 3 pipeline being built on their land and b) Little Village, a predominantly Hispanic community in the industrial corridor of Chicago, dealing with the impacts of pollution and environmental racism. Both take a look at youth involvement in combating environmental injustice.

The Condor and the Eagle is available throughout 2020. The film, which UU Ministry for Earth is an Executive Producer of, follows indigenous environmental leaders as they embark on an extraordinary trans-continental adventure from the Boreal forest to deep into the heart of the Amazonian jungle to unite the people of North and South America and deepen the meaning of Climate Justice. Watch the trailer here. If interested in promoting the screening, contact Green Sanctuary member Molly O’Donnell at mollysod (at)