Social Justice Updates

Social Justice Updates:

A Campus Forum February 23: Our Community in Today’s Political Context: Facts, Fears, and Responses

(posted 2-22-17)

When:  Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017, 4 p.m.–6 p.m.

Where:  Presidents Hall within Franklin Hall (601 E. Kirkwood Ave., Bloomington)

What:  The Bloomington Faculty Council is delighted to be able to work with a number of co-sponsors (listed below) to host this campus forum. We will begin with some very short presentations, but our hope is that this event will chiefly be a forum for conversation and communication. We want this forum to be truly representative of our diverse campus and community, so please try to attend!

If you can’t attend but have something to say, or if you have a question for Bloomington Mayor John Hamilton, Provost Lauren Robel, or myself, please let us know by sending an e-mail to or tweeting to me at @bfcpres . Other participants in the forum will be Dawn Johnsen, the Walter W. Foskett Professor of Law at the Maurer School; Sarah Zaheer, president of the IU Student Association; Adam Reneker, president of the IU Graduate and Professional Student Government; and Asaad Al-Saleh, assistant professor in the School of Global and International Studies.

From Noretta Koertge: “A Changing Climate, A Changing Conscience” (posted 2-22-17)

This week, IU is hosting a conference about the relationship between morals and ethics in light of global climate change. It’s the 9th Annual SustainIU Week (February 20-24th) – this year’s focus is, “A Changing Climate, A Changing Conscience.”

More information can be found at:



From Rev. Scott: An update on SB309  (posted 2-22-17)

The IN Senate committee approved this bill, with it now heading to the full Senate on Thursday, perhaps, and then the House. The focus of this bill prohibits net metering for solar homeowners in Indiana.  Many UUs were among the crowd that packed the statehouse recently to witness the public testimony. While the bill ultimately passed, some slight changes were adopted due to the community input.

You can read more about what happened here (


Regarding Reproductive Justice: SB 404 — a bill that would endanger Hoosier teens – had a hearing in the Senate Judiciary today (Wed., Feb. 22nd).

SB 404 (Sen. Houchin) would impose incredibly burdensome and costly documentation requirements on minors seeking abortion care and their parents, along with requiring that a minor’s parent/guardian be informed if she tries to get a judicial bypass, which violates previous Supreme Court rulings.

Additionally, SB 404 establishes barriers and penalties that negatively impact the ability of trusted adults – including a minor’s faith leaders, healthcare providers, siblings, or even friends – to provide information/counsel that could be viewed as “assistance” in getting an abortion.

Send a letter and also call key members of the Committee and Senate Leadership to tell them to reject SB 404:

Senate President Pro Tempore: Senator Long  –  (317-232-9416)

Committee Chairperson: Senator Bray, Senate Judiciary Committee – (317-234-9426)

Committee Member: Senator Young, Senate Judiciary Committee – (317-232-9517)

Committee Member: Senator Delph, Senate Judiciary Committee – (317-232-9541)

Committee Member: Senator Glick, Senate Judiciary Committee – (317-232-9493)  

Committee Member: Senator Koch, Senate Judiciary Committee – (317-234-9425)

Committee Member: Senator Zakas, Senate Judiciary Committee – (317-232-9490)



The End of Life Options Bills (HB 1561 and SB 273) (posted 2-22-17)

are in committees.  We do not want them to die in committee, so there needs to be substantial evidence that people in Indiana want these bills to have a hearing.

Please write an e-mail to the Chairs of the respective committees and to any of the committee members who might be your legislators indicating that you favor a public hearing on the bills.  Be sure to include your full name and home address and mention that you are a constituent if you live in the district of the person to whom the e-mail is addressed.

House Bill 1561 assigned to Public Health Committee

Rep. Cindy Kirchhofer, Chair

Rep. Ronald Bacon, Vice Chair

Rep. Robert Behning

Rep. Steven Davisson

Rep. David Frizzell

Rep. Don Lehe

Rep. Harold Slager

Rep. Dennis Zent

Rep. Cindy Ziemke

Rep. Robin Shackleford

Rep. B. Patrick Bauer

Rep Charlie Brown

Rep. Gregory Porter


Senate Bill 273 assigned to Committee on Judiciary

Sen. Rodric Bray, Chair

Sen. Michael Young

Sen. Michael Delph

Sen. Aaron Freeman

Sen. Susan Glick

Sen. Eric Koch

Sen. Joseph Zakas

Sen. Lonnie Randolph

Sen. Timothy Lanane

Sen. Greg Taylor



From the ministers: “Unwinding Internalized Misogyny”, Wed., March 8, 6:30-9 pm (please arrive no later than 6:30pm). (posted 2-22-17)

These concurrent gatherings are focused on healing the detrimental effects of living in male-dominated cultures. Come unwind your internalized story and free yourself to be the one who defines you. We will ask: Who are you supposed to be? What are you supposed to care about? How are you supposed to look? How are you supposed to behave?

Women and teenage girls will be in Room 110; men and teenage boys in Room 112. Those who identify as non-binary are welcome at the gathering of their choice; and, a follow-up non-binary workshop will be offered March 29.

Preregistration is required. Please call or email the church office to register: 812-332-3695,



Get Your Senators and Representative Contact Information Into Your Phone (posted 2/15/17)

From Jackie Hall, SJ Circle Chair:

If your senators and reps aren’t saved in your phone yet, text your zip code to 520-200-2223. You’ll get a text back IMMEDIATELY with everyone’s contact info.


Redistricting Reform (posted 2/15/17)

From Jackie Hall & The League of Women’s Voters:

There are two bills in the House and two in the Senate for redistricting reform, but none of them has yet been scheduled for consideration by the committees to which they have been assigned.

Email or call the committee chairmen and tell them you support redistricting reform and want those bills to be given a hearing in their committees.

SENATE Committee on Elections (Bills SB 136 and SB 278) – Chairman is Senator Greg Walker, , phone 800-382-9467.

HOUSE Committee on Elections and Apportionment (Bills HB 1014 and HB 1378) – Chairman is Representative Milo Smith, , phone 800-382-9841.

If you want to write an actual letter, the address is:

200 W. Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46204

Please don’t delay. We need to be sure they know voters care about this issue.


Urge Senator Donnelly to Hold a Town Hall Meeting in Bloomington (posted 2/15/17)

From David Keppel, Just Peace:

This week, we encourage you to sign and share this petition requesting Senator Joe Donnelly hold a town hall in Bloomington, Indiana. Unitarian Universalism has long advocated for the use of the democratic process, with town hall discussions a mainstay of our congregations and communities. Many of our members and friends have stayed in touch with Senator Donnelly’s office in the past; we encourage you to continue to call and voice your support and concerns about our world. You can find more information (including scripts to use, if you’re feeling nervous) about how to reach Senator Donnelly and other government officials at


Effective Legislative Advocacy Workshop February 27 (posted 2/15/17)

From Rev. Mary Ann Macklin:

Be the Change Congress Needs

Details: Monday, February 27 between 5:30-9 (Soup from 5:30-6, Workshop from 6-9) at First United Church (2420 E. Third St.) Please RSVP to A Field Organizer from the Friends Committee on National Legislation will lead a workshop on effective legislative advocacy. Join Maiya Zwerling to learn about the power in using your voice to effect change!