Ministry Theme of the Month

Ministry Theme of the Month

L E T T I N G   G O

Dancing in the Wind
by Rev. David Bumbaugh

Except for a few stubborn holdouts
the tree outside my window is bare of leaves.
The wind, this October morning,
worries those few remaining leaves,
pulling them this way, twisting them that way,
tugging at them until, one by one,
exhausted by the ceaseless effort to hang on,
they go dancing with the wind.

  • Are you living in (and holding on to) a story about yourself that isn’t letting you grow?
  • Are you looking at (and holding on to) a story about others that isn’t letting them grow? A story that is blinding you to the wholeness and complexity of who they really are? That is putting them in a box that they don’t deserve? That is putting up an unnecessary wall between you and them?
  • Are you writing hurts in stone and kindness in sand? The parable of Mussa and Nagib reminds us that when someone hurts us, we should write it in the sand so the winds of forgiveness can blow it away; but when someone is kind to us, we should write it in stone so we will never forget.


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