Ministry Theme of the Month

Ministry Theme of the Month


What Does It Mean To Be a People of Promise? 

Unless commitment is made,
there are only hopes; but no plans.
~ Peter F. Drucker

When promises are broken, “we forgive ourselves
and each other. We begin again in Love.”
~ Singing the Living Tradition, #637

We promise according to our hopes,
and perform according to our fears.
~ François VI de la Rochefoucault

It’s been said that our very humanity lies in the way we carry out our promises. How have you made yourself more human through a promise? What promise is asking you to renew your humanity right now?

What promise in your life needs to be broken? Are you keeping a commitment that is keeping you in a cage?

When promises are broken, how good are you at “beginning again in love”? Has your ability to trust survived all those promises that went unfulfilled?



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