Committee List



Opportunities to Get Involved


Adult Religious Education – Sharon and Dan Wiseman,, Reverend Emily Manvel Leite,

Archivist — Ginny Richey,

Bazaar 2016 – Julia Lawson,

Joanne Henriot,

Booktable – Glee Noble,

Caring – Sharon Yarber,

Chalice Circles – Alan Backler,

Communications – GK Rowe,

Denominational Affairs – Iris Kiesling,

Fellowship Dinners – Linda Pickle,

Greeters – Craig Coley,

Historian – Elof Carlson,

Java Crew – Marlin Howard,

Music – The Choir (Diane Port,,

Susan Swaney, Music Director,

Ramadan Iftaar Dinner – 2016: Abby Downey,

Religious Education, Children

Religious Education, Youth

Yvonne Wittmann,

Social Justice Circle Chair –   Jackie Hall,,

This group of task force chairs makes up the Social Justice Circle


Non-programming Groups:

Aesthetics & Communications Consultant – GK Rowe

AV Committee – Chris Haynes, and Diane Port,

The AV Committee issued a report of its recent accomplishments in early October 2016; you can read it by clicking here.

Goods and Services Auction 2016 – Deb Fish, 


Leadership Cultivation Committee –

Harv Hegarty, Sheri Benham, Danny Callison

Planned Giving/Legacy Circle – Libby DeVoe,,

Clarke Miller,

Special Purposes Fund – Chris Haynes, Joanne Wilhelm

Stewardship 2016 –  Drew Schrader,

Thanksgiving Dinner 2016 –

Amy Crozier,

UU Men’s Group — Harv Hegarty,

Women’s Alliance – Ann Kamman (Pres), Ann Watzel (Treas)

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