Chalice Circles: Small Group Ministry

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Chalice Circles: Small Group Ministry

The Vision

Small group ministry gives participants an opportunity to get to know others while developing a deeper self knowledge by sharing their lives in small, facilitated groups. The spirit of community radiates outward, fostering a sense of kinship and increasing connection to the congregation as a whole and to the larger community.

How Do Chalice Circles Work?

Chalice Circles consist of seven to ten people who meet regularly to nurture their interior lives, to build community, and to practice shared ministry. Each group has one or two facilitators who meet monthly in their own Chalice Circle with the ministers.


Participants are expected to commit September through May to attend all meetings if possible. Members participate in Chalice Circles not only for themselves, but to care for one another, so attendance is vital.


Groups are open to youth and adults over age 14, and members and friends of the church; newcomers are always welcome.

More Information


Feel free to contact coordinators Linda Pickle or Anne Haynes.