Energy Star



Our building has been Energy Star® certified since 2015 with scores in the high 90% as compared to other buildings of worship nationally. 

Members of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bloomington believe that fighting to slow –and preparing to deal with– global warming is our greatest generational challenge, and that our congregation should lead by example. In 2005, members organized the Green Sanctuary Task Force on Global Climate Change (GSTF). See current and past GSTF projects on the Green Sanctuary page of the church website.

Our congregation is seen as a leader by area congregations. Earth Care, an interfaith organization, was co-founded and has often been led by members of this church. We track our energy and water use through Energy Stewards, which then uploads data to EPA Energy Portfolio Manager. Each fall we apply for certification through Portfolio Manager. Contact the church office for access to Energy Stewards: office (at)



We focused on four areas to reduce our impact on our Earth: 

1..Energy Conservation

    • Improvements to our building
    • “Get in a Zone!”

2. Energy Efficiency

3. Renewable Energy

4. Creating a Carbon Sink –To learn how our grounds projects have helped reduce our carbon footprint by improving the soil and adding trees, bushes, and native plants, go to PERMACULTURE PROJECT.